1.1 Contribution to Food Safety

One of the main objectives of Workpackage 2 within the SAFE FOODS project has been to design a European working-procedure for the early identification of emerging microbial or chemical risks in the European food chain.

In order to suggest a system for the early identification of foodborne hazards/risks, it is important to have an overview of relevant warning systems that are already in place. In addition, it is also important to understand the shortcomings/limitations of these systems.

Contribution to Food Safety

For this purpose an extensive literature review has been made with the purpose of screening for information related to emerging chemical and microbial risks. Based on this information, several topics were chosen as case studies for a more thorough analysis. These specific cases will also be discussed in this e-learning module, in order to give insight into the development of specific food safety problems.

Simultaneously, these case studies have helped Workpackage 2 as input for establishing a working procedure that will identify food safety risks at an early stage. An integrated part of this procedure is the newly developed transfer point for information on emerging food safety problems.

The objective of this transfer point is to provide all stakeholders (scientists, regulators, consumer organisations, industry, etc.) with adequate information on food safety issues, mainly focusing on emerging food safety risks. This includes a food safety expert database that will allow institutional organisations dealing with food safety (national governments, EFSA, national food authorities) to find relevant (national) experts and when needed, to assemble a team of suitable experts to tackle food safety problems. For more information about the expert database please click on the above image.

This work complements and/or builds on the results of analogue initiatives addressing emerging risks in the food and feed chain such as the EU 6th Framework projects:


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