Emerging Risk

Emerging Risk

Emerging Risks Research in SAFE FOODS: Early Detection of Emerging Risks Associated with Food and Feed Production

Dear trainee,

Welcome to this e-learning module on early detection of emerging risks associated with food and feed. The information gathered in this module is based on the research activities, results and training events generated by the SAFE FOODS experts from Workpackage 2.

The aims of this learning module are the following:

  • To give an introduction on the basic concepts of the food safety risk assessment and risk management
  • To introduce the SAFE FOODS Risk Analysis Model and to demonstrate how this research can contribute to food safety
  • To discuss systems for the identification of emerging food safety hazards
  • To discuss emerging food safety hazards such as mycotoxins and microbiological hazards, using practical case studies.

We hope that this learning module will provide you with comprehensive background information on research about emerging risks. At the same time we wish you a motivating learning experience and hope that it may trigger your interest to explore this interesting discipline into more detail.


1. Introduction

1.1 Contribution to Food Safety

2. Early Identification Systems for Emerging Foodborne Hazards

2.1. Reactive Early Warning Systems
2.1.1. Endpoint-focused Systems
2.1.2. Hazard-focused Systems
2.2. Predictive Early Warning Systems (Emerging Risks Systems)
2.3. Emerging Risks Systems based on a Holistic Approach

3. Emerging Risks and Case Studies

3.1. Microbial risks
3.1.1. Cryptosporidium spp.
3.2. Chemical risks
3.2.1. Unauthorised GMOs
3.2.2. Botanicals
3.2.3. Antibiotics in shrimp
3.2.4. Pesticides of natural origin
3.3. Mycotoxins
3.3.1. Aflatoxin M1 in milk and dairy products

4. Training events

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